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Smart house solution



Comfortable wireless control

The “2SmarT” system enables you to control any electric device at your home or office individually from your smart phone, such as:
- Lights
- Lamps
- Door lock
- AC
- TV, Multimedia
- Electric kitchen devices
- Heating
- Boiler
- Water sprinklers

It is up to your personal desires how you want to automate your home in a smart way. We are pleased to offer you an individual solution for your needs – the overall smart house system “2smarT”. You have the possibility to customize your personal “2smarT” system in a unique way with the various “Connect” components, developed by SMD. “Connect” smart house components do not require any reconstruction of the existing house installation or any additional electric equipment and wires. Our smart house system can be installed quickly and easily on the existing electric installation, based on a simple plug-and-play method. Usage is very simple and can be done manually as well as wireless through every smart phone or tablet.


Your benefits

Using our smart house solution brings you following benefits:

- Energy efficiency
- Security
- Comfort
- Wireless control
- Real time overview
- Ease of use
- Fashionable and modern design


How does our smart house solution function? Our smart home system works in every household and office. All you need is a smart phone and a wireless router at home. The central control unit is connected to the router and is basically the brain of the whole system. Once plugged in, the control unit communicates with the connected devices within the defined network. For any device you want to connect and control wireless from your smart phone, SMD is offering you a matching module.



Smart house modules

- “Connect” wireless socket: Anything you plug in the wireless socket, can be turned on and off from your smart phone
- “Connect” RF-Transmitter: Enables you to control your TV, HiFi or AC from your smart phone
- “Connect” wireless thermostat: Enables you to control your heating system or boiler from your smart phone
- “Connect” water sprinkles: Wireless regulation and automation module for the water sprinkles in your garden
- “Connect” smart touch light switch: Wireless control of the lights, dimmers and automation of various lightning modes and atmospheres
- “Connect” boiler wireless module: The module is built in directly in the installation and enables you to regulate your boiler from your smart phone
- “Connect” wireless lock: Unlock your door or open your garage gate from your smart phone in a secure way, without any need of a key or remote control